IVTech is a start-up originating from the University of Pisa. We design in-vitro technologies for the development of physiologically relevant tissue models and for the reduction and refinement of animal tests. All our devices permit in-situ live -imaging and can be linked together to simulate multi-organ systems.

Our mission is to bring advanced in-vitro technologies into mainstream cell culture practice through the dissemination of our products. IVTech also provides workshops and practical training on the use of modular bioreactors and dynamic cell cultures.


The basic module is LB1, a transparent, single flow bioreactor that can be used to mimic metabolic tissues, such as liver. LB2 can be used to mimic physiological barriers, such as lung, skin, intestinal epithelia in dual flow...

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IVTech will be an exhibitor at the next "European Cellink Collaborative Partneship Conference" (10 May, Milano, Italy). Join the event and come to visit our stand and...

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IVTech offers custom products, based on the needs of our clients. We also provide follow up and help to establish in vitro experiments. Users can also consult our open source repository

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