About us

Who we are

IVTech is an italian biotech company, founded in January 2014 as a spin-off from the Research Center ""E. Piaggio"" at University of Pisa .
Now we are a company which provides advanced technologies and services to customers wordwide. We are a young and dynamic team with over 15 years experience in the design and development of innovative systems for in-vitro cell culture.

Dr. Tommaso SBRANA
PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Serena GIUSTI
PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Giorgio MATTEI
PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Daniele CEI
PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Advisory board

Mr. Emmanuele ANGIONE
Co-founder of Win Medical
Business strategy / Mentor

Dr. Anna Maria BASSI
Academic Researcher at Dept. Experimental Medicine, University of Genoa (Italy)
Scientific Board

Dr. Simon BAKER
Sr. Postoctoral Research Fellow at Jack Birch Unit for Molecular Carcinogenesis Department of Biology, University of York (UK)
Scientific Board

Our mission

Despite the innovations in life sciences and medicine, the world of in-vitro experimentation still relies on obsolete technology and continues to produce data which are scarcely representative of human patho-physiology.

Innovative easy-to-use technologies that allow a significant upgrade of classic in-vitro tests are required to meaningfully represent the in-vivo environment. IVTech was created to make up for the lack of adequate technology offered to cell biologists, by providing instruments, know-how and guidance to users, facilitating their transition from static two dimensional cell culture systems to more relevant 3D and dynamic models of human physiology.

“All our efforts are focused on design and development of next generation products to push towards ever better in-vitro models of integrative human physiology”