LiveBox1 (LB1)

LiveBox1 is a transparent chamber designed for inter-connected dynamic cell cultures. LB1 is featured with a flow inlet and outlet for the perfusion of cell culture media. The clamp system provided with the LB1 assures the watertight closure of the system in both static and dynamic conditions (up to 1 mL/min).
Wet volume [mL] 1.5
Suggested flow rate [mL/min] 0.1 to 0.4

LB1 360° view

Exclusive features

  • The system is designed to reproduce the typical volume of a 24 well plate
  • The removable transparent glass bottom allows for:
    • Live imaging during static/dynamic culture, i.e. in situ imaging of the three-dimensional culture environment using microscopy techniques.
    • Post culture imaging including staining procedures or any other sample processing. After disassembling the LB1, the glass slide supporting the cell monolayer or 3D construct can be easily removed from its bottom part and used for further investigations and analysis.
  • Modularity: LB1 can be inter-connected with other cell culture chambers in order to mimic cross talk between tissues (multi organ simulation).
LB1 can be ordered alone or as a kit (LB1 kit).

Product configuration

LB1 allows to implement 2D/3D tissue models using a single flow configuration. The flow lines are tangential to the cell construct seeded onto the basal surface of the chamber.

LB1 kit

The LB1 kit is composed of:
  • 1 LB1 bioreactor equipped with glass discs
  • 1 clamp system
  • PDMS tubes, luer lock connectors and a mixing chamber to realize a fluidic circuit
  • 1 extractor


Compatible with commercial pumps, such as the LiveFlow (not included in the kit).

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