LiveFlow (LF)

LiveFlow is a compact and low weight peristaltic pump, compatible with the incubator environment. Two removable heads drive up to two independent circuits/head. LiveFlow is equipped with a drawer able to house up to four bioreactors. Therefore you can perform up to four independent experiments in parallel. The intuitive and user-friendly interface permits a quick and easy set-up of the system, with two independent heads able to apply a flow rate between 100-450 µL/min.
Dimensions [w×l×h, cm] 21.5×16×14.5
Power supply (by provided cable) 12 V; 7.2 W
Flow rate range [µL/min] 100-450
Weight 1.2 Kg

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  • LiveFlow is compatible with the incubator environment
  • Its small weight allows an easy transfer of the LiveFlow pump from the laminar hood to the incubator/microscope
  • LiveFlow is equipped with two pumping heads, each one driving two independent circuits
  • Each pumping head is removable, sterilisable and reusable
  • LiveFlow is equipped with a drawer that houses up to four LiveBoxes. The design allows chambers monitoring using an inverted microscope
  • The interface is intuitive and user friendly:
    • A couple of buttons allows an easy setting of flow rates
    • A display shows the flow rate selected for each head
    • Flow direction can be reverted through a dedicated button
LF can be ordered alone or as a starter kit (SK01 or SK02).

Starter kit 1 (SK01)

The SK01 is composed of:

Starter kit 2 (SK02)

The SK02 is composed of:


LiveFlow is compliant with the CE standard related to the Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108/CE directive)
LiveBoxes, mixing chambers and clamp systems are not included with the LiveFlow.